Zö Trio in hues of blue

Yarn-based objects and related ramblings

When a colleague of mine turned to me last month and asked me to make her three poofs, I jumped at the chance. Though I do like making clothing as well and figurinPhoto 02.11.15 14 07.56g out ways to make knits cool, I am just not fashion-conscious or self-obsessed enough to be too passionate about clothing as such. I like simple lines and clear eye-friendly colors and, especially when it comes to knitwear, comfort — preferably the kind that you can recognize from far away. So I am never going to be the person who gets particularly shiny-eyed over complicated, architectural masterpieces. Or a person who gets in the mood of hats and then makes 15. Or, for that matter, the person who is covered head-to-toe in her own fancy creations, just to show how crafty I am or to have an outlet for my itchy fingers.

Pretty much the same principles apply…

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